MEET Jeremy Parker

Jeremy Parker


PRODUCER / recording engineer / mixer

Jeremy Parker is a Phoenix based audio juggernaut known for making records with some the largest rock bands in the world (Disturbed, Mudvayne, Slipknot, Godsmack). Additionally, Jeremy actively records and develops independent artists. Premier studios in Phoenix, AZ is the primary recording studio that Jeremy works from. Jeremy began his career in the music business as a staff engineer at legendary NRG Recording in North Hollywood, CA, working alongside industry powerhouses Terry Date, Don Gilmore, Jay Baumgardner, Ross Hogarth, Rick Rubin and more. Jeremy quickly won praise and recognition as an Engineer after the phenomenal success of the Grammy winning album “Fallen” by Evanescence. Jeremy engineered the 8 million+ selling breakout Evanescence album “Fallen” as well as 2x Platinum #1 Billboard Evanescence album, “The Open Door”. 

Other engineering highlights: #1 Billboard Slipknot “All Hope is Gone”, #1 Billboard, Disturbed “Asylum”, #1 Billboard Godsmack “Oracle”, #2 Billboard Mudvayne “Lost and Found”. Other notable artist Jeremy has engineered records for include, Trivium, Device, Simple Plan, Art of Dying, Otep, Boy Sets Fire. Jeremy has also forged a successful career producing and/or mixing for independent artists as well as label acts (Hellyeah, Mudvayne, Cold, Nonpoint, Terra Diablo, Man Made Machine). 

Every artist is different; making an album is not an assembly line process, it’s about finding your unique voice, realizing the artistic vision and bringing that to light.
— Jeremy Parker

What attracts big names and independent artist alike to work with Jeremy is his overall love of music, his ability to connect with the artist and deliver a unique high quality end result, and his ability to take the artist’s imagination/desire and turn it into a tangible finished product of which they can be extremely proud of.